The Perfect Worship Service

When it comes to music, everyone has an opinion. Worship has the power to draw people closer together. It can build a bridge between differences in race, gender, age, etc. It also can cause division. It can drive a wedge between whole churches. It can create an “us vs. them” divide. In light of this fact, this month I want to share a fun excerpt from Tom Kraeuter’s book, Guiding Your Church Through a Worship Transition.

The Perfect Worship Service

            After listening carefully over the past several years, we believe we have finally determined what those who attend our church really want in music. Following are the items that come up most frequently whenever this topic is discussed:

  • More fast songs in the opening praise time and more slow songs in the opening praise time
  • More of those wonderful, lovely old hymns and less of those stupid, dead old hymns
  • A longer and shorter time of praise at the beginning of the service, and a shorter and longer time at the end
  • Songs to flow quickly into each other and long periods of time between songs for reflection
  • More repetition of songs so they can be learned and meditated upon while singing, and less repetition of songs because it gets boring singing the same thing over and over
  • More of those lovely arrangements with extra instruments and less of those showy arrangements with all those instruments
  • To sing the good old songs more often and to stop always singing those same old songs
  • Songs to be sung in higher and lower keys
  • The band to play in the middle of the platform where they can be seen, back behind the plants where they won’t be a distraction, louder, softer, faster, slower, more often, and not all


Grace and peace,
Daniel Hazel
Guiding Your Church Through a Worship Transition by Tom Kraeuter

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