Ephesians Wk 7

At His Feet Wk 1

At His Feet Wk 2

At His Feet Wk 3 (08.25.19)

Hidden in Christ Wk 1

Hidden in Christ Wk 2

Light in the Darkness Wk 2

Light in the Darkness Wk 3

Light in the Darkness Wk 5

Embodied Wk 1 | Disabilities

The Holy Spirit Produces Dependability

Obedience & Faithfulness

Embodied Wk 2 | Mental Illness

What is Good? 03.22.20

More Gladiator March Than Triumphal Entry

Easter 2020

Gentle Strength


Becoming Like a Child

Embodied Wk. 3: Divine Justice w/ Dr. Craig Hendrickson

The Power of Prayer & the Word

The Power of God’s Promises

The Power of Pentecost

The Power of Possession of a Vision

Embodied Wk. 4: Spiritual Practices w/ Amy Jackson

Father’s Role

Positioning Ourselves to be Blessed

Nehemiah Week 2

Nehemiah Week 3

Nehemiah Week 4

Nehemiah Week 5

Nehemiah Week 6

Nehemiah Week 7