Why small groups?


The purpose of a small group is to build the body of Christ and reach unity in faith and understanding of God. Small groups serve this purpose directly. To encourage each other in spiritual growth, while  attempting to gain unity in faith and understanding.


We also see small groups as a foundation of the early churches; they are not just a ministry but a way of life (Acts). The early saints met in each other’s homes communing, praising God and adding to their favor. We even see that their numbers increasing daily as a direct result.


Churches in our brotherhood have recognized the need for a deeper fellowship beyond Sunday morning. Small groups fill that need. They allow for us to fellowship in an intimate setting, while attempting to further understand God and build our unity in Christ.


So, why small groups? Because Scripture encourages it. Because it is a necessity. Because we need it. The intimate fellowship among the members of this church will encourage unity, fellowship, individual growth and congregational strength. As we see in Acts, all of this leads to corporate growth.


(Eph. 4:11-14, Acts 2:46-47)

What is 360?

Our spiritual development is a communal effort; it can’t be done alone. Gen 2:18 is specific about God’s design for partnership. Spiritual development is a partnership between the Holy Spirit, the church, it’s members and the community. 360 stands for the holistic elements of spiritual development.


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